Back again with my blog series on how to become a full time creator. This is a series where I’ll be talking about my journey as a creator and how I got to the point I am today. I started my photography business 6 years ago (where 4 of those years have been full-time), so I am still at that stage where I feel very new to the business, but at the same time I have learnt a lot and can make a really well living out of it. Now I would like to share both short and long term tips that may help you in anything you are doing, and, hopefully, also contribute to you doing what you love the most.

Most of you who read the first part of this got yourself an eye opener. I noticed that a lot of you saw this as something that went against your artistic integrity - with all due rights. When you’re starting out, you probably have neither credibility nor anything yet to show, and therefore you shouldn't let it get to your head. This is regarding creative entrepreneurs so let’s put it into a perspective. Think about it just as college works, you study everything from 1-10 years to get that degree and to earn the credibility in your field. This gets me to a point of the discussion where I think a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs / freelancers get it wrong. They think that it’s just going straight out into the working life and making money immediately. The obvious parallel that I’m going to make is that just as when you’re studying to get that bachelor’s or master’s degree, not making money (or even creating debt in student loans), the same way you have to put in that first time of your entrepreneurial life getting the portfolio, references, experiences and so forth. Your challenge is to find the ways to put yourself in front of others and that’s when working for free is a really good weapon of choice because that just eliminates any friction or risk for the client / mentor etc.

Again, this is what worked for me. It may work for you as well, it may not. My intention is not to set your career path in any way, but furthermore to get you exploring the different ways you can pave your way in this business with no boundaries. That is something I try to remind myself of everyday — that I can literally try anything. Most of the times it’s all just shit ideas, but I couldn’t care less about those failed attempts. For me there are only 2 positive outcomes. Either I “fail” at something and then I will learn. Or I will actually succeed with it and that's just a win for me. When you start getting in to this mindset, I promise you guys, there will be few things that are going to stop you from doing what you want to be doing.

Thanks for reading, it means the world to me.